bobble - make water better

an invite to get tapped!

did you know that each year as many as 298 million single serve plastic bottles end up in land fill!? yes, 298 million!!!

not only that, but Australians are wasting 1.4 billion (!!!) dollars on single serve bottled water every year. that’s crazy given the natural resource is readily available straight from the tap!

you are invited to get tapped and enjoy great tasting, filtered tap water on the go whilst saving the environment and your wallet!

how you ask?

1st step – get yourself a bobble! any colour, and there are 7 different to choose from, and any size – 550ml, 1L classic or 650ml sport – any bobble will do!

2nd step – fill up your bobble with plain old water straight from your tap – don’t forget to clean the filter first (don’t know how… here’s how)

3rd step – enjoy better tasting water as you drink

that’s it… you are now saving the planet and your wallet! easy huh!

don’t know about you, but #idtapthat
what else, you say? you want more?